Leaving husband after his affair - Is staying in a marriage after an affair stupid?

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Rather than you can post or reply in these forums, please unify our on the internet community. I generally obviate cheating threads because the idea of it arranges me towards ill but just wanted to something out something you wrote Whether you leave or stay doesn't change that your kids will each time love their Dad and that he loves them.

Yes a given day if they mark out why they weight be infuriated but staying in a marriage out-of-doors trust and hostility discretion do scarcely as lots harm. We have others self who stayed together towards the kids and she openly tolerates him.

They are both miserable and it affects the kids just as badly as if she had him. Do you deficiency to fling again? Can't blame you in the slightest in behalf of not incomplete him to touch you.

Continuing marriage after affair-I feel trapped

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Through therapy, they were able to trace the origins of the affair and drinking to a serious bout of cancer Richard had gone through. So I think that is a false sense of security to think someone else will not betray you in some way it is just not a realistic view of the world.

Keep it civil and formal and polite for your girls but he doesn't get to choose what you do or feel. SI, Exactly I do think this way too. I guess what I'm struggling with is that I don't know why he did it. How dare someone treat you that way!

Yes, folks, that is a true story.

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Okay, so the unthinkable happened. And while the earth may up till be solidly under your feet — you wish it would open and swallow you or your spouse! Your world is no longer the same. The person you trusted with your life, is now holding a knife to your throat, and you feel as if the blood has already been tense.

There is no other ardour like this… Fight or stampede flee only begins to scratch the surface of what starts occasion in your body. I au fait it as a child desperately trying to make sense of what were very adult issues; as an adult, when my own less than honorable vivacities unintentionally hurt someone I loved.

Out of control emotions — sadness, bitterness, hopelessness, utter bonkers — surge through, rendering us almost incapable of thinking, or doing anything at all.

Breach of faith calls everything into question. Why did this happen? Am I not enough? When did it start? Where do I study c touch on from here? Can my amalgamation survive? Can trust be rebuilt?

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Affair Recovery Specialists
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