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The Green Lantern franchise loves a crossover. They seem to happen on a regular basis.

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God's Checklist - ONE MINUTE WITNESS

Unholy One: I kinda hate when people say Americans aren't well travelled. We can't drive hours and be in a different country like Europe.

Je Won Seo: So jap man are shit !


Kyra Perez: THANK YOU MARINA! I'm Portuguese and most of what this video talked about is completely true 3

Catarina Dias: Making an awful lot of generalizations and judgmental comments simply by looking at a picture.

My World: What is Pakistani language it was Hindi fuvking porkis

Lydia Lester: Please do Czech men. I am volunteering to star in the video. :)

Andi Le: Every girl in this video commenting how they would love to date a Russian man, and Im like. no thanks

Marcelo Pires: Dutch men and women

Dani Taupe: Jock Blainey's Wolf O'Donnell voice is a sexy British accent. Period.

Karel Muniz: Nope. Not even near.

Emma18fiume: Iran, UK France are beautiful to me. I'm half frnech half British and this is very accurate

Moses Tall: Do something with Sweden~

Marga G: Please make a video with Polish woman now!

A s I prepared to go on vacation, I tried to make sure I was packing everything my family would need.

Lifestyle differences - deal breaker?

He draws us to repentance, humility and compassion. Each month is an act in the narrative, which means that this story looks to be quite large. Although, this seems to be an optional read but could be interesting if you want to read another perspective in the conflict. Let's see ourselves as a team, for His glory! Peace , Wisdom , Preaching , Pure. Due to this, the events of this crossover might have ripples throughout the DC Universe later in the future.

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Maybe it was a necessary prelude to what was coming. Wasted tears and wasted lives?

By Sermoncentral on Jun 3, Peace , Wisdom , Preaching , Pure. I love the practical verses in the Bible, the ones that answer real questions.

Do you have godly wisdom? If only there were some sort of a list we could reference that we could measure ourselves against. But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. God just told us what it looks like if we have his wisdom. The text emphasizes the order. First pure, then peaceable.

Purity can be offensive. Blessed are the peacemakers, right?

When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

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  1. Haven't watched yet. Curse your effective marketing strategy! Click bait is click baity.

  2. I'm a feminist because for some reason, when I do the same thing as a male, I get praised more.

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Gods checklist

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This is the most important trip we will ever make, and we cannot afford to leave anything undone that God requires of us. God's checklist is. Without further ado, here is God's “Great” Plan –...